Mobile Photo Studio


The Mobile Photo Studio allows your clients to add a new aspect to their event entertainment and photography by offering them a roaming TapSnap option to capture candids and other shots from around their venues. The MPS can also function as a photo booth, remaining in one spot for the whole event, if desired. Running on our Studio software, the MPS is green screen compatible and able to create GIF animations, SnapBacks, and photo collages in addition to regular photos. The MPS is a replacement for our current Social Photographer with many advantages over the previous system.

Included: Surface Go LTE w/ protective case, carbon fiber monopod with height adjustment, magnetic ball mount with pole clamp, magnetic ball mount and custom mount for handheld mode, 3-leg locking base, quick-release plate, power adapter, USB-C – to mini USB cable and modified TapSnap Studio software.

Not Included: Canon Camera. Compatible with Canon T3, T5, and T6

Case Size: 19.8” x 11” x 7.6”

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